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As the summer sun sets on the boating season, Okanagan boat owners are starting to make the necessary preparations for the winter season. For lift owners, that means lifting the boat out of the water and putting on the cover for the last time.

One of the most critical steps sometimes overlooked is scheduling an appointment for boat lift service. Here are three reasons why annual boat lift maintenance is a must, even after the boating season ends.

Shoreline Pile Driving - 3 Ways Annual Service Benefits You and Your Boat Lift

1. Keeps your boat safe and secure

Picture this: One of the cables on your lift fails, and instead of lifting your boat safely out of the water, the boat tips sideways, bumping the edge of the dock or the lift piling. Although we strive to avoid things like this from happening, it’s still a costly possibility.

Your boat is your baby. From your no shoes-allowed rule to having your boat professionally serviced every fall, you’ve invested a lot into keeping it in pristine condition. Keep it that way by servicing the cradle that supports your boat to avoid any potential damage while it’s lifted.

2. Keeps the boat lift running smoother, longer

Boat lifts can wear out over time. Constant use and exposure to the elements can be an issue. However, regularly scheduled servicing can reduce the wear and tear boat lifts experience.

Some of the services that take place during a routine maintenance visit include:

  • Full lift inspection, including piles and cables
  • Hydraulic fluid topped up or replaced
  • Grease & lubricant applied where necessary

3. Keeps expensive repair bills at bay

Just like your boat, lifts and docks need annual servicing to ensure they remain in working condition. If a part of the lift or dock wears out, it’s best to have it repaired before it causes significant damage, such as:

  • Worn boat lift cables – As the lift’s main workhorse, cables are prone to wear and tear and require periodic maintenance. If a cable fails, it can damage other parts of the lift or the boat and become a costly repair.
  • Malfunctioning lift controls – Most of the time, a lift’s electrical components can become corroded and cause a malfunction. Early detection is crucial and can prevent the need to replace the entire electrical system.
  • Rust & corrosion – Because boat lifts sit in water all year long, the steel components can erode or rust. If detected early enough, the rust can be removed, prolonging the life of the lift.
  • Sinking piles – Piles can sometimes sink, especially if installed incorrectly. By hiring a professional marine construction company to install the piling boat lift and having the lift and dock annually serviced, you can avoid damage caused by sinking piles.

To protect your marine investment, we always encourage our clients to make sure their boat lifts are annually serviced. We recommend booking your appointment for the fall or spring. We see it every year – once the sun comes out and everyone starts hitting the lake, there’s little time for maintenance checks. By beating the “May Long rush,” you can enjoy the Okanagan sun, sand, and surf with peace of mind, knowing your boat lift is in perfect working condition.

If you’re looking for knowledgeable professionals to service your custom boat lift, consider Shoreline Pile Driving. With more than 35 years’ experience servicing and installing boat lifts and docks on Okanagan Lake’s shores, we know the lake.