Over 30 Years

Serving Okanagan Lake

Boat Lift Service

The Shoreline Advantage 

Over the years we have grown with our customers & developed long standing trust with them.

Services we offer:

  • Electric Boat Lifts
  • Hydraulic Boat Lifts
  • Lift diagnostics & repairs
  • Lift cleaning
  • Lift accessories


The SLP Advantage:

  • In-house hydraulic specialist
  • On staff mechanics
  • On staff electrician
  • 2 Fully equipped service barges
  • Large parts inventory

(NEW) Annual Shoreline Lift Maintenance Packages

Hydraulic 4-post lifts 

  • Inspect lift operation
  • Check hydraulic fluid condition, levels & top up with our Marinus Bio40
  • Inspect piles and mounting hardware
  • Check bunk mounts and tighten bolts
  • Inspect hydraulic lines, connection & fittings.
  • Test battery & clean battery terminals (if applicable)
  • Inspect control box- fuse & wiring
  • Check limit switch functions
  • Grease & lubricate where necessary
  • Analyze pulleys, cables & sheaves

The service will also include a detailed report on your boat lift.


Single Mast Boat Lift (2T/3T) 

  • Inspect lift operation
  • Check electrical pendant and swing arm
  • Inspect piles and mounting hardware
  • Inspect nylon sheaves and mast
  • Check chain, chain collector and grease if needed
  • Check hoist alignment
  • Check cotter pin, tabs, pulley & spring block
  • Inspect welds
  • Inspect risers, bunks & side guides