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Decking Materials to Make Your Dock Stand Out

At Shoreline, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a wide variety of decking materials to best suit personal preference and style. From durable composite decking to stunning hand-selected Douglas Fir planks, we’ll help you create the perfect waterfront oasis.

Visually Stunning & Built to Last

All Shoreline Pile Driving decking materials are of superior quality and are sure to be visually stunning, durable, and long lasting; making them an exceptional longterm investment for your dock. Check out our Okanagan lake decking material options below and request a quote.

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Shoreline Decking Options

MoistureShield® composite decking offers a durable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood, with moisture-resistant properties for long-lasting performance.

ThruFlow™ Decking is a durable and low-maintenance choice with an open design that prevents water and debris buildup, making it perfect for waterfront projects.

Natural product sourced locally in BC for quality and durability. Select grade, non-incised, double planed with eased edge.

Shoreline engineers, manufactures, and installs 8″ thick concrete waffle panels, with Douglas Fir fascia. These concrete panels are designed for exceptional stability, durability and longevity.

MoistureShield® Composite Decking

The next generation of composite decking. This distinctive, contemporary design brings the hardwood look of a home’s inside to the outside. With a modern, variegated appearance and guaranteed performance unmatched by any other decking products. MoistureShield Vision stands out while standing the test of time. The future of decking is here. Available with or without the innovative CoolDeck® technology, which minimizes heat absorption and optimizes heat reflection for a more comfortable deck.

MoistureShield®  Vantage Collection

You can enjoy the look and workability of wood, but with more water resistance, more durability and less maintenance. Our uncapped reversible boards feature a natural wood-grain texture on both sides, allowing use of either side for easier installation. The vantage boards are perfect for docks, marinas and other commercial applications.

A revolutionary take on prefabricated panels for decks, docks and walkways. With its easy-to-assemble, maintenance-free design, you can spend less time caring for your ThruFlow products and more time enjoying them.

ThruFlow™ Panel – Legacy Collection

Legacy panel uses integrated short glass fibers for extra durability against wear-and-tear. ThruFlow panels won’t succumb to rot or insect damage and are UV resistant. Whether you choose to install our panels on your family deck or in your commercial marina, ThruFlow will serve you through a lifetime of use and abuse. The Legacy panels’ unique design allows 43% of sunlight to pass through uninterrupted. When installing decks, docks, and walkways, we rarely consider the wildlife being displaced underneath. The surface of the panels will never get hot under direct sunlight, leaving you free to enjoy your deck or dock in all weather. When installed in docks, marinas, and gangways, the panels’ open design protects against uplift caused by storms and strong winds. And the non-slip surface holds true wet or dry.

Concrete Panels

Concrete is a durable and versatile material with its exceptional strength, resistance to water, and longevity, making it an ideal choice for withstanding the challenges of a marine environment. Whether as the foundational structure or surface decking, concrete offers stability and reliability, ensuring safe and stable access to your watercraft. With proper maintenance, concrete boat docks can provide a solid platform for boating enthusiasts for many years to come.

Wood Decking

Cedar and Douglas Fir Decking is the perfect choice for boat dock construction. Known for its exceptional durability and natural beauty, this wood offers both strength and aesthetics. With its high resistance to decay and moisture, Douglas Fir stands up to the rigors of a marine environment, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable deck for your boat. Its warm, reddish-brown tones add a touch of elegance while providing a safe and stable surface for docking and leisure activities on the water

Residential dock built on Okanagan Lake

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All decking materials are hand-selected by highly qualified specialists, acquiring the knowledge to assist you in finding the appropriate decking materials needed during the construction process.

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