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We are proud to be a family owned & operated construction company in Kelowna, BC. Started in 1983, Shoreline Pile Driving operates throughout the Okanagan valley, providing general contracting, design-build and construction management services. We specialize in fixed or floating, concrete, timber frame, and aluminum dock construction.

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Early Beginnings

It all started with the simple idea

When Shoreline founder Bob Jones first came up with the idea of beginning a dock building company, he knew he wanted to create a company that didn’t just create docks for Okanagan residents but enriched their lives as well. With an eye on providing some of the best boat lifts and docks in the industry to families living along the shores of Okanagan Lake and another eye on supporting community-minded events, Bob set up shop along the shoreline.

Diving into a dream

As is true for many successful entrepreneurs, Jones asked himself, “How can I turn my passion into a career?”

“The vision came when I was a kid. I grew up out in Mission hanging out on my neighbour’s dock,” says Jones. “A few buddies and myself built our first raft when we were eight or nine years old.”

It was this idea based on the idea of building a floating boat dock in his youth that led Jones to establish Shoreline Pile Driving. Over the last thirty years, Shoreline has worked its way into the highly regarded position of being one of the Okanagan’s most trusted dock builders.

The Shoreline Advantage

When high water levels devastated many of the marine structures lining the shores of the lake during the spring of 2017, the repair calls flooded into the Shoreline office. While scrambling to address as many of the calls as possible, the Shoreline crew began dreaming up ways to prevent damage like this from occurring in the future.

“The new docks will all be taller, with steel pilings, new composite decks and flow-through panels with holes to better handle rising water in the future,” said Bob.

Leveraging their experience and passion, the Shoreline team skilfully employed this solution and fulfilled its mission of improving Okanagan Lake’s foreshore.

Higher dock builds protects your dock from rising water levels

A lifetime love of Okanagan Lake

With Jones at the helm of Shoreline, his love of the lake is obvious every time the Shoreline crew dives into repairs or a new project. After spending a childhood, buying a home, and setting up shop along the shores of the lake, water has become more commonplace for the Jones family than land. It’s this passion for the water that makes Shoreline one of the most sought after dock builders in the region.

From recording daily lake levels to employing 26 floating vessels to hiring local manufacturers, it’s easy to see why Shoreline is the company Okanagan residents trust and recommend to their neighbours.

It’s in the details

Shoreline’s handiwork can be seen at some of Kelowna’s most iconic waterfront locations, like the Kelowna Yacht Club, Hotel Eldorado and Manteo Beach Resort.

“When I go to the yacht club or drive by, I think ‘My company built this,’ and it obviously makes me feel very proud,” says Jones.

See our Projects page for a better look at our previous and current work.

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