Over 30 Years

Serving Okanagan Lake


Shoreline Pile Driving is a family owned and operated construction company located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. The company operates throughout the Okanagan valley, providing general contracting, design-build and construction management services. Shoreline Pile Driving offers a wide range of products and services that include: residential docks, commercial marinas and yacht clubs, boat lifts, pile driving and dock accessories.

Founded by Bob Jones in 1983, Shoreline Pile Driving has sustained growth and built a solid reputation in the Okanagan Valley. The company is committed to detail, guaranteed workmanship and customer service, the main contributors to the company’s success. Shoreline Pile Driving is also ethically committed to sustainable practices, focusing on promoting environmental stewardship. We continue to work along side Ecoscape Environmental Consultants to ensure all Best Management Practices are followed.

Shoreline Pile Driving custom builds residential docks and commercial marinas on Okanagan Lake. The company hand selects all materials used in the construction process, contributing greatly to superior quality and product durability. These materials include, select grade Coastal Douglas Fir decking, composite decking, aluminum structural framing, concrete panels, light penetrating panels, and Douglas Fir or steel pilings. Shoreline Pile Driving manufactures its own single mast boatlifts and 4 post hydraulic lifts accommodating boats up to 40,000 lb. The company also imports a variety of boatlifts from the United States, including Shore Station, IMM and Quality Boatlifts. In 2014, Shoreline Pile Driving has been honored the position as the sole distributor of Shore Station Hydraulic boatlifts in British Columbia

Shoreline Pile Driving brings business to the shores of Okanagan Lake

When you grow up on the beautiful shores of Okanagan Lake, it’s natural to want to stay close to home.

Bob Jones, founder of Shoreline Pile Driving, spent his youth essentially living on the water and not much has changed as his company Shoreline Pile Driving has grown into one of the largest in the Okanagan.

“The vision came when I was a kid. I grew up out in Mission hanging out on my neighbour’s dock,” explained Jones. “A few buddies and myself built our first raft when we were eight or nine years old.”

While that raft was nothing like the industry standard docks Shoreline has constructed today for the likes of Shea Weber, Jarome Iginla and Ryan Getzlaf, it laid the groundwork for a future of providing the top tier dock on Lake Okanagan.

In his early teens, Jones continued to follow his passion of being close to the water, working at the Downtown Marina where his vision of doing business on the lake continued to expand.

“The marina boss told me to phone up Okanagan Pile Driving in Vernon because they needed pilings,” recalls Jones. “When they arrived the first thing they asked for was $2500 and this is almost 50 years ago. I decided right there that’s what I wanted to do.”

With the only pile driving company at the time located in Vernon, docks were being built on the north end of Okanagan Lake but there was room in the market for the relatively bare shoreline in Kelowna and Penticton.

“I built ShoreLine’s first piledriver back in ‘86 and we went to work,” said Jones. “I was the crane operator and I hired guys to build the docks. It wasn’t that easy, it was a ton of work establishing yourself and getting things right.”

Weather, water depths, environmental and government regulations, are just some of the hurdles the company has had to successfully work with to establish themselves.

The most recent obstacle has been the flooding of Okanagan Lake this spring, which destroyed several docks along the shoreline.

“It’s added a lot of stress to the company,” explained Jones. “You have clients out there that become friends after we built their docks, and now their docks are on their beach, and we have to be granted proper approval before we can rebuild any docks.”

According to Shoreline, it has been over five weeks since the company applied for the permits to rebuild the docks, which are still waiting for approval while the old docks are being picked up off the beach.

“We strive to be a model company, so we are only going ahead with the jobs that we’ve been approved on,” explained Jones. “The new docks will all be taller, with steel pilings, new composite decks and flow through panels with the holes to better handle rising water in the future.”

Shoreline’s innovative and industry standard construction can been seen at some of the the city’s most iconic waterfronts spots such as the Kelowna Yacht Club, Hotel Eldorado and Manteo Beach Resort.

“When I go to the yacht club or drive by I go ‘My company built this’ and it obviously makes you feel very proud.”

Marinas and Yacht Clubs Shoreline has been honored to work for:

  • Kelowna Yacht Club
  • Shelter Bay Marina
  • Downtown Marina
  • Hotel Eldorado Marina
  • Manteo Beach Resort
  • Vernon Yacht Club
  • Westbank Yacht Club
  • Pentowna
  • Penticton Yacht Club
  • Peachland Yacht Club
  • Summerland Yacht Club
  • Okanagan Lake Resort
  • Navigation Canada
  • City of Kelowna
  • Municipality of Peachland
  • Westbank First Nations
  • Kelowna Marina
  • West Harbour Break Water
  • Casa Loma Resort
  • Boucherie Beach
  • Waterfront Resort
  • Stonewater Resort
  • Paradise Estates
  • Fishermen’s Pier