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When the unexpected happens, we’re here to help

Since 1983, we’ve had the opportunity to work with all levels of the government–including municipal, provincial, and federal–to help mitigate the impact of storms on the Okanagan Lake foreshore. We’ve also worked tirelessly to meet the needs of Okanagan residents, while maintaining and often improving environmental conditions on Okanagan Lake.

Expert Emergency Services on Okanagan Lake

When an accident or natural disaster happens, we’re proud to step in and put our expertise, fleet and team to work to help mitigate loss. Whether that means recovering a stranded boat or preparing Okanagan Lake boat lifts and docks for flooding, we do it all.

In the past, we’ve helped with:

  • Flood protection, mitigation and clean-up
  • Environmental reclamation
  • Wildfires
  • Public rescue missions
  • Recovery and removal of stranded boats, planes and cars while preventing environmental contamination

We’ve also helped deliver and maintain public foreshore infrastructure on the lake, including boat launches, marinas, yacht clubs, fire rescue services, safe harbours, and more.

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A waterfront location that saves time and resources in an emergency

Our location has provided us with a safe harbour to store our equipment and barges. This prevents us from having to move these items inland at the end of the season, reducing unnecessary traffic. It also keeps the boat launches free to be used and enjoyed by the public.

And most importantly, our location allows us to respond as quickly as possible when an emergency occurs on the lake.

Keeping eyes on the lake for more than four decades

Our team has been recording the lake level daily since the early 1980s. With this daily recordkeeping, we’ve been able to note the trends and annual variances in the water level. This teaches us even more about Okanagan Lake and the current climate, and it allows us to provide customers with the information they need to prepare their property and Okanagan Lake boat lifts and docks for extreme weather events.

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Past partnerships that made a difference

At Shoreline, we don’t just work with members of the community in need of Okanagan Lake boat lift and dock building services. In the past, we’ve worked with many different government bodies to mitigate damage and loss on the lake.

Partners we’ve worked with include:

  • Environment Canada – We assisted Environment Canada with deploying meteorological buoys on Okanagan Lake as part of the Lake Evaporation Study in 2011.
  • Ministry of Transportation – When the Highway 97S road between Summerland and Peachland collapsed in 2008, the BC Government asked us to assist. We arrived on site immediately and set to work building emergency landing docks on either side of the collapse to accommodate public transportation. In a separate road collapse in 2005, this time on Westside Road, we installed containment booms and took the necessary mitigation measures required to keep the public and the lake safe.
  • BC Parks, Ministry of Environment – We’ve helped install boat launches for public use and the Fisherman’s Pier in Peachland.
  • SNC Lavalin – We helped load equipment on and off the shores of Okanagan Lake to complete maintenance of the William Bennett Bridge in Kelowna, BC.
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police – We’ve assisted many times with the recovery of cars, planes, houseboats, and pleasure boats over the years. We’ve worked closely with them during Okanagan Lake recoveries to ensure everyone is safe, including the lake and foreshore.
  • Transport Canada – We’ve removed navigational hazards from the lake to prevent injury to the public accessing the lake.
  • City of Kelowna – We’ve helped coordinate flood protection around water intakes.

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If you’re facing an emergency situation that’s life threatening, please call 911. For all other emergency services on Okanagan Lake, please call us at (250) 769-7694.

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