Boat Lifts


Shoreline Pile Driving stocks the largest variety of boat lifts in Okanagan Valley!

1. SUPPLY– We have the largest inventory of boat lifts in Kelowna, BC.

2. INSTALL – We provide installation services on Okanagan Lake.

3. SERVICE – With over 35 years of experience , Shoreline Pile Driving is the leading boatlift service provider.

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Quality Super Lifts


Shoreline Pile Driving stocks QSL boatlifts from 10,000 lb to 44,000 lb maximum capacity.

From the all-aluminum power-head cover to its massive beams, one look at the rugged components and it is easy to see that the Superlift is the finest industrial duty boat lift ever made. The Superlift was designed for extended frequent use in marinas, but it has gained a following amongst the most discriminating homeowners. The Superlift incorporates a gearless high-efficiency cycloidal drive that generates 34,700 inch pounds of output torque at an efficiency of greater than 90%. What does this amazing torque and efficiency mean? Our cycloidal drives are the most powerful on the market, they are the most durable drive system available and nothing is faster at lifting your boat than the Superlift, more than twice as fast as the nearest competitor’s high speed drive system (see comparison table below).

We are so confident in the Superlift that we offer a lifetime warranty on the cycloidal drive.   No other boat lift drive system has a lifetime warranty. We take pride in our engineering and product design expertise along with our unique capability to thoroughly performance test our lifts before they leave our factory. 

Personal Watercraft Lifts

SLP Single Electric Personal Watercraft Lift

Our simple design, strong & reliable Personal Watercraft Lifts are top deck mounted. These lifts were designed to be low maintenance & easy to use!

Powder coated steel construction, stainless steel fasteners along with heavy duty stainless steel cables provide superior product durability and resistance to corrosion.

Capacity: 1,680 lbs 

Power Requirement:115V

Our SLP PWC Lift is also available as an unassembled unit for easy pick-up/shipping


Boat Lift Parts

Shoreline Pile Driving has many boat lift parts available for client pick up in our service yard.

Some of the parts are:

Carpeted bunks (2 x 6 x 8′)
Canvas sleeve protectors
Steel side guides
10″ and 12″ risers
Nylon sheaves
Swing arms

Please phone ahead to make sure items are in stock.

Single Mast Boat Lifts

Designed & manufactured in Kelowna, BC! 

Our innovative, but simple design is easy to use and maintenance free ! Fully adjustable side guides, motor stop & interchangeable risers will accomodate any type of boat. 

High grade steel construction, stainless steel bolts & heavy duty 3T electric Jet chain hoist offers superior strength & product durability. 

Power requirements 110v or 220v
Maximum load capacity 6,500 lbs
Average boat lengths 22’-24’


  1. 3T electric jet hoist
  2. Powder coated black
  3. CSA approved
  4. 3×6 steel wishbone frame
  5. Fully adjustable side guides & bunks
  6. Interchangable risers
  7. Push button control

Additional Options

  1. Optional wireless remote control system
  2. Lockable power switch
  3. GFI power outlet 
  4. Pontoon bunk conversion kit 
  5. Dual personal watercraft cradle


Shorestation Boat Lifts

Shorestation Boat Lifts

Customize your shorefront with ShoreStation Hydraulic Boat Lifts.

This lift design is a traditional approach. Install the lift tubes high for tidal fluctuation or deck-level for a low profile look that doesn’t interfere with accessing your boat.

Available in 4,000 to 20,000 lb. capacity
Up to 16′ lift travel
Single push-button remote for hassle free lift operation
Standard Safe & Reliable Hydraulic design.
Mounts on 4 piles


Shoreline Hydraulic Lift

Shoreline CH1020 Boat Lift

The Industry’s fastest & most reliable hydraulic boatlift! 

The low profile, all aluminum construction offers superior strength & product durability. 

Our hydraulic cylinders are filled with biodegradable fluid to protect the environment should a seal or hydraulic line ever fail. The hydraulic rams are stored above water, in a dry, protective environment avoiding any possible contamination.

Depending on power requirement, Shoreline Pile Driving manufactures two types of hydraulic lifts:

SLP CH1020 – Low Voltage Hydraulic Boat Lift

The entire CH1020 LV system runs by a 12 volt battery. A solar panel on the top of the dock helps to keep your battery charged.

SLP CH1020 – High Voltage Hydraulic Boat Lift

Operated off 2-5 HP motors, 220VAC system that runs on your house power. 

At Shoreline Pile Driving, we recommend four post boat lifts for several reasons:


Four post boat lifts accommodate boats with a weight greater than 6,500 lbs.

Water Depth 

If the lakebed drops off quickly, our concern is the ‘flex’ of the piles. The four-post boat lift will distribute the total load evenly, which helps restrain the flex piles in a lateral motion.

Future plans

There’s always the possibility of purchasing a larger boat in the near future. Therefore, this will eliminate the need to upgrade your current boat lift.


Pile mounted lifts are stable and durable, withstanding wind and wave action, and boat impact.


Hydraulics are sealed when in ‘up’ position. Hydraulic cylinders & pumps are stored in a dry environment above water in a concealed lift tube.


Pile mounted lifts keep boats out of the water, minimizing routine vessel cleaning for customers. Eliminates sinking risks that can occur with in water mooring. Boats can be stored on pile mounted lifts year-round, eliminating the need for winter storage.