Your Aluminum Dock Experts

Residential Docks


With over 40 years of experience Shoreline Pile Driving specializes in fixed & floating structures, concrete, timber frame, and aluminum construction.

Started in 1983, Shoreline Pile Driving has provided top-quality service to many Okanagan shores. Our general marine contracting, design-build, and construction management services have become well-known and trusted in the community as a result. Our company is committed to detail and guaranteed workmanship, producing the Okanagan’s finest residential and commercial docks.

Shoreline Pile Driving hand selects all materials used in the construction process, contributing greatly to superior product quality and product durability.

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Shoreline Pile Driving also offers a wide selection of marine-grade products to enhance the look and accessibility of your dock.

Aluminum Docks

Shoreline Pile Driving offers the highest standard of aluminum structural framing on the market. Our aluminum framing techniques is designed for superior strength, durability and longevity. The aesthetically pleasing design uses the highest quality of workmanship, while minimizing labour costs.

You can maximize your versatility for your dock by choosing aluminum as your main framing material. Lightweight, three times stronger than wood, and like PVC, will never decay. You’ll also never have to deal with warping or twisting either with aluminum, and it often comes with the ability to reconfigure due to the way aluminum docks are manufactured. 

In addition, aluminum docks have a unique, aesthetically-pleasing look to them, which adds to their value.