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There’s no stopping lake lovers from enjoying Okanagan Lake, especially during the hot summer months, but there are ways to enjoy that experience a little more.

A floating structure for every activity

At Shoreline Pile Driving, we specialize in a comprehensive range of floating docks, from compact swim platforms and rafts to expansive marinas and floating walkways. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of dock construction, ensuring each structure, regardless of size, is expertly anchored using either piles with pile hoops or sophisticated anchoring systems.

Our floating docks stand out for their remarkable adaptability to fluctuating water levels, guaranteeing unwavering stability and access under varying conditions. This is particularly beneficial in locales with significant water depth changes. Designed with environmental stewardship in mind, our marine structures minimize impacts on the lakebed, promoting the conservation of aquatic ecosystems. They serve as versatile infrastructure solutions, catering to marinas, residential communities, and recreational areas with an eco-conscious approach.

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Wooden floating structures from Shoreline Pile Driving

Floating Dock Construction Methods

When choosing materials for a floating structure on Okanagan Lake, it’s crucial to account for the lake’s unique environmental challenges, including distinct wind and wave events. Materials need to be resilient, durable, and stable over time to withstand these natural forces. Our comprehensive experience with every floating structure in the Okanagan, encompassing installation, repair, and rebuilding, has equipped us with deep insights into the materials that best meet these challenges. This expertise ensures that each project is tailored to thrive in Okanagan Lake’s distinctive conditions.

1. Douglas Fir Frame

Our wooden floating docks are constructed of Select Grade Douglas Fir, supported by polystyrene filled tank casings. These floats provide both floatation and durability against ice damage. Floats can be decked with Wood, Composite, or Thru Flow Panels. Samples of our work can be seen at Peachland Yacht Club, Kelowna Yacht Club, Marina Village and The Grand Hotel in Kelowna.

2. Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frames for floating docks provide the dual benefits of being both lightweight and exceptionally strong, coupled with outstanding resistance to corrosion and minimal upkeep requirements, making them perfectly suited for aquatic settings. The use of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for floats contributes to enhanced dock durability through unmatched buoyancy, stability, and resistance to impacts and chemicals. These materials not only support environmental sustainability through the recyclability of aluminum and the durable, non-toxic nature of HDPE but also ensure that the docks are effective, long-lasting, and versatile across various aquatic environments. Our approach to aluminum framing combines aesthetic appeal with top-tier workmanship and is engineered for ultimate strength and longevity, all while optimizing fabrication processes in-house to reduce labor costs.

3. Structural Steel Frame

Structural steel frames boast superior strength and endurance, ideally suited for enduring harsh marine environments and bearing heavy burdens. The flexibility offered by HSS (Hollow Structural Sections) frames affords tailor-made designs, facilitating perfect fit and function across diverse dock layouts. Paired with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) flotation, such docks are fortified for unmatched toughness and capacity to resist significant loads and adverse maritime conditions. This combination not only ensures docks remain stable and resistant to environmental challenges like strong currents and extreme weather but also promotes a variety of design possibilities to meet distinct requirements. HDPE’s exceptional buoyancy and its resistance to UV rays, chemicals, and physical impacts guarantee the dock’s longevity and integrity. Altogether, these elements forge a docking solution that is both low in maintenance and environmentally conscious, offering dependability, eco-friendliness, and flexibility for different aquatic settings.

4. Concrete Floating Structures

Concrete docks offer unparalleled durability, withstanding harsh marine environments and the test of time better than many other materials. Their robust construction allows them to resist severe weather conditions. Concrete’s high density provides excellent stability and load-bearing capacity, making these docks ideal for high-traffic areas and heavy-duty applications. Additionally, concrete docks require minimal maintenance, as their surface resists damage from UV rays, rot, and pests. The material’s versatility in design also enables the creation of custom shapes and sizes to meet specific waterfront needs, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Did you Know?

The Kelowna Yacht Club is the largest floating marina in North America. Built by Shoreline in 1979, we continue to service and maintain the KYC marina to this day.

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