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Boat Lift Parts & Accessories

Shoreline Pile Driving has the largest selection of boat lift parts in the Okanagan. If something fails and you need it replaced quickly, we can provide the part you need. All our inventoried parts are available for client pick up in our service yard so you can get back to enjoying the lake as quickly as possible.

Four Post Boat Lifts

Brands: Shoreline, Shorestation, Quality & IMM boatlifts

  • Custom aluminum bunks with white vinyl
  • Boatlift brackets & risers
  • Gem remote control
  • Gem transmitters & remotes
  • Motors
  • Pontoon bunks
  • Steel side guides
  • Side bunk rails
  • Canvas sleeves
  • Aluminum cover plates
  • Aluminum lifting beams

Single Mast Boat Lifts

Designed & manufactured in Kelowna, BC.

  • Carpeted boatlift bunks (2 x 6 x 8′)
  • Canvas sleeve protectors
  • Steel side guides
  • 10″ and 12″ bunk risers
  • Nylon sheaves
  • Swing arms
  • Motor conversions (3T)
  • Motor boxes, lids & chain collectors
  • Gem Remote controller
  • Pontoon Conversions

Shoreline Boat Lift Parts & Accessories

As Boats Change, Our Lifts Change with Them

We carry parts and accessories and offer custom solutions for all your boat lift needs. Please phone ahead to make sure items are in stock & ready for pick up.

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