Okanagan Lake Water Levels

For more than four decades, the team at Shoreline has been recording water levels every single day. We’ve noted the trends, annual variances and everything in between. We pride ourselves on risk mitigation and swift responses when lake level variances are at an extreme.

Last 2 Weeks – Daily Lake Level Report

05 Apr
06 Apr
07 Apr
08 Apr
09 Apr
10 Apr
11 Apr
12 Apr
13 Apr
14 Apr
15 Apr
16 Apr
17 Apr
18 Apr
Full Pool - 342.48m
Record Low - 341.34m

Last 5 Years – Monthly Average Lake Levels

Okanagan Lake level data sourced from www.weather.gc.ca.
Graphs show level of Okanagan Lake in metres above sea level.

Water Level Info & Tips From the Pros

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