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From picnics on the water to exploring the shores of Okanagan Lake to trolling a line out the back, your pontoon boat has made for some pretty great memories last summer. If you’ve been simply hooking it up to a buoy off the shoreline or tying it up to your dock, it might be time to purchase a pontoon boat lift to protect your prized possession.

Before you pick a lift for your boat, it’s important to have all the dimensions: weight, length and width. Since these measurements are so important, you may feel more comfortable having a professional Okanagan dock builder take them for you if they’re on site anyway to help you determine the best boat lifts for your vessel.

Shoreline Pile Driving is sharing our expertise about lifts for pontoon boats with you

To help you gain a better understanding of your boat lift options before a builder’s visit, we wanted to share some of our expertise about lifts for pontoon boats with you.

Single mast lifts

Crafted right here in Kelowna, these simple design lifts are really great for pontoon boats as they protect and extend the lifespan of your boat by keeping it out of the water when it’s not in use.

Hotel Eldorado features Shoreline Single Mast Lifts

The overall load capacity is 6,500 pounds, and they’re best suited for vessels that are 22 to 24 feet long.

Other features include:

  • 3T electric jet hoist
  • 3×6 steel wishbone frame
  • fully adjustable side guides & bunks
  • interchangeable risers
  • push button control

If you value craftsmanship as well as supporting a local business, these single mast lifts are a great option.

Shoreline hydraulic lifts

Imagine this: You stroll down your dock and climb into your boat. Once inside, you grab the hand-held controller, push a button, and your boat instantly lowers into the water. If you like the sound of that ease and control, investing in a Shoreline hydraulic lift might be the way to go.

There are two types to choose from:

  1. Low-voltage lift – These lifts can actually be powered by a solar panel since it runs off a 12-volt battery.
  2. High-voltage lift – This version uses two 5HP motors and connects to your home’s power.

If you’re wondering about the cylinders failing and leaking oil into the lake, don’t be. They’re filled with biodegradable fluid and the hydraulic rams are stored above water to avoid possible contamination, which makes them some of the most reliable lifts out there.

ShoreStation boat lifts

These lifts are really dependable for a variety of different boat types, including a pontoon boat, because they’re easily customizable and available in 4,000 to 20,000-pound load capacity. They’re also ideal for marinas and homes without easy access to a power supply, since they don’t require a lot of power to operate.

Other features include:

  • Installed on four piles
  • Up to 16’ lift travel
  • Push-button remote
  • Hydraulic system

Shoreline Pile Driving offers a range of boat lifts such as ShoreStation and Quality Superlifts

Quality Superlift boat lifts (QSL)

If only the best will do for you and your boat, we highly recommend a Superlift. These electric lifts are tried, tested and true, especially since they were designed for frequent use in marinas. These lifts come in 10,000 to 44,000-pound capacity, which is helpful if you ever decide to upgrade your pontoon boat for a larger vessel.

Oh, and these lifts come with lifetime warranty on the cycloidal drive. No other lifts offer this kind of protection, which goes to show exactly how reliable a Superlift is.

Superlifts can also be outfitted with additional options:

  • A high-speed version
  • Walk boards
  • Steps
  • Stern platforms
  • Lighting control
  • Solar power

Regardless of the lift you choose to install in front of your lakefront home, Shoreline can make sure it lasts for years to come through our maintenance and service programs.

Are you looking for a trusted dock builder for your pontoon boat lift? We’ve been serving Kelowna and area for nearly 40 years, and we’re the dock builder Okanagan Lake residents turn to for integrity and expertise.

Shoreline Pile Driving has been serving Kelowna and area for nearly 40 years. Trust the expert boat lift and dock solutions provider