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Dreaming of the days when you can finally drop your boat into the lake and spend the day cruising along while the sun warms your shoulders? We are too! This is why we’re gearing up for our annual and spring boat lift service and inspection program. If you’re eagerly anticipating the warmer weather, consider having your lift inspected as soon as possible so you can hit the water when the lake and sunny weather beckons.

Here’s everything you need to know about annual boat lift servicing.

Coast into Summer in the Best Way Possible

At Shoreline, we’re pleased to offer clients an annual boat lift service package designed to keep boat lifts on the shores of Okanagan Lake functioning all year long. The package entitles boat lift owners to enjoy all the perks an expertly serviced and highly functioning lift provides. Our highly qualified boat lift technicians will perform a site visit every year to make sure your boat lift and personal watercraft (PWC) lift is in perfect operating condition.

We created this program with the goal of extending the life of your boat lift and making sure your summer isn’t interrupted by unexpected maintenance issues. By keeping your lift in excellent shape all year long, you’ll also avoid costly maintenance bills in the future.

Membership Has Its Perks

As your gateway to the lake, we know your boat lift is important to you. By becoming a subscriber to the annual service package, you’ll enjoy:

  • 20 per cent off servicing costs
  • Dibs on the best time of year to have your servicing completed
  • Four free SLP canvas sleeves when you join the annual service program
Shoreline Pile Driving annual and spring boat lift maintenance

Get Started

Enjoy the Ease of Online Booking

We’re committed to providing our clients with the tools they need to effortlessly care for their docks and lifts, which is why we’ve made the booking process just as simple. All you have to do is visit our website, fill out the form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Book My Boat Lift Service

All-inclusive Service Packages for Every Lift

We want you to know exactly what to expect when our skilled technicians and hydraulic specialist arrive onsite so you can have confidence in your lift’s operational status.

Here’s an in-depth look at what our providers do to keep your lift in fantastic operating condition:

Shoreline Hydraulic Lifts provided and installed by Shoreline Pile Driving on Okanagan Lake

Hydraulic & Electric 4-post lifts

  • Inspect lift operation
  • Check hydraulic fluid condition, levels & top up
  • Inspect piles and mounting hardware
  • Check bunk mounts and tighten bolts
  • Inspect hydraulic lines, connection & fittings
  • Test battery & clean battery terminals (if applicable)
  • Inspect control box- fuse & wiring
  • Check limit switch functions
  • Grease & lubricate where necessary
  • Analyze pulleys, cables & sheaves

The package price for this service is $379.

Single Mast Boat lifts installed at Boucherie Beach Resort by Shoreline

Single Mast Boat Lift (2T/3T)

  • Inspect lift operation
  • Check electrical pendant and swing arm
  • Inspect piles and mounting hardware
  • Inspect nylon sheaves and mast
  • Check chain, chain collector and grease if needed
  • Check hoist alignment
  • Check cotter pin, tabs, pulley & spring block
  • Inspect welds
  • Inspect risers, bunks & side guides

The package price for this service is $249.

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