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Now that the winter chill is finally making an exit, it’s much easier to imagine warm summer days spent trolling the shores of Okanagan Lake in your boat. As a waterfront homeowner, your Shoreline boat lift serves as the perfect gateway to some of the best attractions the valley has to offer.

Though the options are nearly endless, these are some of our favourite destinations to visit via boat this summer:

1. Explore the rich history of Rattlesnake Island

Years ago, eccentric businessman Eddie Haymour owned Rattlesnake Island. He had big dreams of building a Middle-Eastern theme park there, but when the government shut down his building plans, he took to the shores of Peachland to build a castle instead. If you look close enough, you can still see the remnants of the abandoned theme park and long-gone castle.

2. Search for the elusive Ogopogo

It’s rumoured that Ogopogo lives just south of Rattlesnake Island at Squally Point. If you’re an experienced diver, you can even dive to the Ogopogo’s cave, located approximately 100 feet off the point. If diving into a sea serpent’s cave isn’t your idea of a good time, you can always anchor off shore and search from the comfort of your boat instead. Squally Point is also a good spot for cliff diving.

3. Take a hike at Bear Creek

Leave your wooden dock behind and moor your boat on the western shore of Okanagan Lake. Located near the day use area of Bear Creek Provincial Park, you’ll find mooring buoys available for use. Simply tie off you boat, grab your hiking shoes, and hit the trails. Bear Creek’s Canyon Rim Trail offers stunning views of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake that you just can’t catch from the seats of your boat.

4. Park and stay at the Penticton Lakeside Resort

Okanagan Lake stretches all the way from the south end of Vernon to the northern tip of Penticton, where the Penticton Lakeside Resort sits. Why not spend the day exploring the lake from end to end, finishing off your adventures with an overnight stay (or two!) at this beautiful lakefront hotel. Registered guests have access to complimentary overnight mooring at the commercial marina docks.

And if you have time, we recommend booking a table at the Hooded Merganser, also located at the Lakeside Resort. This restaurant sits above the water and provides breathtaking panoramic views of Okanagan Lake and the surrounding mountains. The food is just as good as the views!

5. Enjoy five-star fare at a top Okanagan restaurant

Food lovers know where all the best restaurants are located in the Okanagan, but what they may not know is that some of them are accessible by boat. When the summer sun brings in tourists, skip the congested roads and cruise in the comfort of your boat to one of these amazing restaurants:

  • Gasthaus Pub in Peachland
  • Beach Avenue Café at the Peachland Marina
  • Smack Dab at the Manteo Resort in Kelowna
  • Bonfire Grill at the Cove Resort in West Kelowna
  • The Outboard Waterfront Pub in Vernon

Aerial view of Manteo Resort and Eldorado Hotel - Shoreline Pile Driving

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