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If you aren’t familiar with the faces behind Shoreline Pile Driving, you may not know that founder Bob Jones has turned his family-based company into a business that’s deeply rooted in the community of Kelowna.

With one eye on providing some of the best boat lifts and docks in the industry to clients across the Okanagan Valley and the other eye on supporting community-minded events, the Jones family and Shoreline Pile Driving strive to enrich the lives of those around them.

Shoreline Pile Driving - Building residential and commercial docks in the Okanagan for over 40 years

It all started with a simple idea

As is true for most successful companies, the question behind the creation of the company was simple: how can I turn my passion into a career?

Shoreline provides Okanagan valley residents with high quality docks and lifts

“The vision came when I was a kid. I grew up out in Mission hanging out on my neighbour’s dock,” says Jones. “A few buddies and myself built our first raft when we were eight or nine years old.”

It was that idea that led Jones to establish Shoreline Pile Driving along the shores of Okanagan Lake. And over the last forty years, Shoreline has made huge strides toward their goal of providing Okanagan valley residents with high-quality docks and boat lifts.

The Shoreline advantage

After the high-water event that occurred during the Spring of 2017, repair calls flooded in. While scrambling to help as many affected clients as possible, the Shoreline crew began thinking about the future and how to prevent this situation from happening again in the future.

“The new docks will all be taller, with steel pilings, new composite decks and flow-through panels with holes to better handle rising water in the future,” says Jones.

With an innovative goal in their sights, the Shoreline crew set out to ensure their clients’ docks and lifts were being repaired as swiftly as possible while incorporating these new measures. By providing a preventative solution, instead of simply repairing the docks, Shoreline skillfully demonstrated its commitment to its mission of improving the Okanagan’s foreshore through years of experience driven by passion and excellence.

Shoreline Pile Driving - Frind Winery dock built with preventative measures to accommodate Okanagan Lake water levels

And with eye-catching projects, like the Kelowna Yacht Club and Hotel Eldorado marinas, under its belt, Shoreline has set the bar for the future of residential and commercial docks on Okanagan Lake.

A lifetime love of the water

Spending a lifetime on the lake has allowed Shoreline to position itself as a leader in the dock building industry. After all, living and working on the water can provide insight into water levels and behaviour not available to those further inland. From recording daily lake levels to employing 26 floating vessels to working with local manufacturers, it’s easy to see why Shoreline has been a trusted dockbuilder in Kelowna for more than 40 years.