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At Shoreline Pile Driving, we’ve turned our love of Okanagan Lake into our passion. Since 1983, we’ve been providing lakefront homeowners and businesses with high-quality docks and boat lifts, and since we’ve embarked on this wild pile-driving journey, we’ve curated a strong, knowledgeable, and professional team, and that includes our fleet.

As trusted Kelowna dock builders with the largest floating fleet in the Okanagan, we thought we’d take a few moments to introduce you to our equipment and how each one plays a role in building summer memories that last a lifetime.

Shoreline's large crane barges floating on Okanagan Lake

A Brief Overview of Shoreline’s Floating Fleet

With decades of experience on the lake, we know what it takes to build beautiful docks, marinas, and boat lifts. Besides hiring the most talented people in the valley, we also invest in our fleet to make sure it never lets us—or you—down.

Each piece of equipment comes with a unique name. We pull inspiration for those names from the previous owner or the equipment’s intended use, and to keep these pieces in tip-top shape we keep a dedicated marine mechanic on staff.

Our fleet is also:

  • On a detailed maintenance schedule
  • Maintained with biodegradable oil
  • Registered with Transport Canada
  • Equipped with all required safety gear
  • Outfitted with four-cycle outboard motors

Our Equipment on Okanagan Lake

Shoreline uses large cranes on barges for pile driving on Okanagan Lake

The Big Guns: Large Crane Barges

Our large crane barges handle all the big jobs, like large dock removals and pile driving. We currently have three:

  • An 18-ton crane
  • A 30-ton crane, our largest fleet member
  • The Canadian barge, our newest edition that comes equipped with an excavator and grizzly vibratory hammer
Shoreline's tug boats move our large barges along the shores of the lake

The Trusty Tugs

We currently have two tugboats to help us move our large barges along the shores of the lake:

  • Popeye, used to tow the 18-ton crane
  • The Valiant, used to tow the 30-ton crane

The Little Guns: Smaller Crane Barges

Not every job requires such a large crane, and that’s where our two smaller crane barges come in handy:

  • The Picker Barge, equipped with a small picker crane and used to install boatlifts and perform lift service
  • The Dobbin Barge, equipped with a small picker crane and used to install boatlifts, deliver parts, and perform servicing jobs

The Handy Helpers

We also possess two small barges that we utilize in a variety of different ways:

  • The Greata Barge, used for lift service and welding jobs
  • The Go-Fast Lund Boat, used to visits sites and make timely deliveries

Crafty Carpenter Barges

Right now, we own five carpenter barges that are fully equipped to frame and deck dock structures safely and effectively. You’ll usually see these barges following the crane barges around the lake.

Multi-use Punts/Skiffs

We currently use all seven of our 16-foot skiffs to help manoeuvre equipment around the lake and work in locations where the larger barges can’t access. Each skiff is equipped with a four-cycle 30 horsepower outboard motor and proudly locally manufactured.

To learn more about our love for all things local, check out our previous blog article: Why Locally Manufactured Boat Lifts are the Best Choice for Okanagan Residents.

Supply Barges: The Heart of Our Operations

And last, but not certainly not least, are our supply barges. These 40-foot flat deck barges are the most important part of our fleet. They deliver up to 15,000 pounds of pipe, timber and decking to job sites. We currently have three, and we’ve named them:

  • Sistership
  • Swordfish
  • RV Barge

As trusted Kelowna dock builders, we pour our heart and soul into every boat lift and dock we build and install, and we know we couldn’t do this without our extensive floating fleet.