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Spring isn’t too far off if a certain groundhog is to be believed, so you might be out on the water sooner than you think. However, before you feel the Okanagan water spray from your boat, you might want to check out your dock to see if any boat dock repairs need to be made.

But hold on there Captain Blackbeard! Before you start fixing up your dock to get back to sailing the high seas of Okanagan Lake you’ll need the proper permits first. The lake has its own ecosystem and needs to be protected as such before you start repairing your dock.

Before You Begin Your Boat Dock Repair

First and foremost, each municipality has their own paperwork and permits that need to be filled out before you start fixing up your dock. What specific paperwork you’ll need to fill out will greatly depend on the municipality you fall under.

That being said, all planned works to occur ‘in and around the water’ will require a Section 11 application. Regardless of any permit or license, this application is a requirement for all work done.

You’ll also need to check and see if your dock is in any of the colour zones for species sensitivity in the lake. If so, you might need additional documentation or only be able to perform repairs during specific dates.

Shoreline Pile Driving also does dock repair in addition to dock construction. Plus, we can help guide you through the permit process with ease.

Common Boat Dock Repairs

As mentioned above, the specific requirements for permits will depend on your municipality, but below are a few dock repairs you may need permits for.

Dock Decking Replacement

you don’t want to trip and end up in the water this is an important first step with your repairs. Oftentimes, it’s also the easest to see in terms of repairs since it’s right along the dock pathway you walk on. Vinyl composite is becoming a particularly popular choice for deck replacement with its additional longevity and improved durability it adds.

Repairing the Dock Frame or Foundation

Like your home, cracks in the frames and foundations are not a good sign. These should be repaired as quickly as possible.

Fixing Rusted Platforms and Supports

Naturally, docks will rust over time with constant exposure to water. Like foundation cracks, these can be just as dangerous. This issue is probably not the best choice to try and repair yourself and you should call on professionals to help you out.

Shoreline Pile Driving can give you an accurate assessment of the cost to repair and fix your boat dock. On top of that, we can deal with the process of submitting permits for you to make the whole process smooth and efficient from start to finish.

Replacing Rotting Wood With the Proper Supports

This is easily the most common problem dock owners face. Woot rot is caused by fungus in the water which attaches itself to the wood beams. It then causes the wood to decay and crumble away over time. Fixing this issue usually just a matter of directly replacing the affected wood with appropriate size and shape. To get even more longevity, use treated wood which is more fungus-resistant

Repairing Dock Accessories

Like wood board replacement, boat dock accessories are relatively easy to fix or replace. If you want to add any additional items as well, just make sure you have all the proper permits.

Ensuring Any Electrical Components Work as They Should

Great lighting, security cameras, and automatic boat lifts are all great when they work, and much less so when they don’t. An electrical check should be a part of your dock inspection before you start using it. Make sure there aren’t any frayed wires, loose connections, or short circuits.

Boating on Okanagan Lake in the summertime is a ton of fun, but every boat needs a place to be stored so making sure your dock is safe is important. Once you have all your permits in place, you can get started on any repairs or improvements you want though and ensure your docks is ready for you and any summertime adventures.

Not sure how to go about getting your permits done? We can help with that and repair your dock! Click here to get in touch with us today!