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As a homeowner in the Okanagan, you know how lovely the Okanagan Lake waterfront and surrounding lands are. From sunup to sundown, it truly is one of the most beautiful places in the province. However, in order to keep our lakes looking their best, it’s so important for everyone, including boat dock builders, to practice and promote environmental sustainability.

At Shoreline, we do more than that. We’ve made it our mission to not just sustain Okanagan’s foreshore, but to improve it as well. Here’s how we do that.

1. We purchased new vibratory equipment

A vibratory dock pile driver is used to install piling into the ground quickly using rapidly alternating force (vibrations). However, our new equipment uses this method but has less impact on the habitat and environment than previous equipment models.

2. We only use environmental-friendly hydraulic oil

Hydraulic boat lifts require lubrication to function, but traditionally that hydraulic oil can be harmful to the environment and surrounding wildlife. To keep our water clean and the animals that live in and around the lake healthy, we’ve committed to using hydraulic oil that has been created specifically for water safety. Not only do we use this environmentally safe oil in all of our customer’s boat lifts, but we also use it in all of our equipment and tools.

3. We’ve swapped out two-cycle motors for four-cycle motors

While two-cycle motors require pre-mixing oil and fuel, four-cycle motors do not. Since the latter doesn’t release burnt oil into the air, it’s considered to be much better for the environment.

4. We practice and promote what we preach

When recommending decking materials to clients, we always suggest the most sustainable products first. That list includes:

  • ThruFlow panels
  • Non-treated wood piles
  • MoistureShield ® decking
Green dock decking options provided by Shoreline Pile Driving in the Okanagan

5. We invest in partnerships and proper documentation

When helping customer build new docks, repair old docks, or secure permits for work to be completed, we work closely with qualified professionals to make sure environmental processes are followed. We also make sure all the necessary reports and documentation are compiled before the work even begins.

6. We invest in green technology

Though we’ve already been offering solar dock lights to clients for quite some time, we’re now able to offer solar-powered boat lifts to our customers as well. And since this area is known as the sunny Okanagan, solar lights are a really great environmentally sustainable option for lakefront homeowners in the valley.

For a deeper dive into boat dock accessories, check out our previous blog: 5 Dock Accessories to Elevate Lakefront Living this Summer.

7. We perform regular equipment maintenance

When equipment is operating at its optimal performance, it’s less likely to fail and leak fluids into the water, which keeps the water and surrounding ecosystem thriving.

8. We created a dedicated permitting department

Obtaining permits is one of the biggest challenges our customers face when building a new dock. The process is lengthy and time consuming, we’ve created a permitting department to ensure all permits are obtained and environmental best practices are being met and followed.