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There’s something absolutely magical about spending time on Okanagan Lake, especially when the sun is shining and the water is glistening. It’s one of the many reasons why lakefront homeowners have built homes along the shores of the lake and why they do their part to preserve and protect the condition of the foreshore.

From hiring professional contractors to install environmentally friendly docks and Shoreline boat lifts on their property to keeping the shoreline free of debris, here are 10 reasons why lakefront homeowners play an important role in the sustainability and preservation of Okanagan Lake.

Okanagan Lakefront homeowners help protect and preserve the lake

Here are 10 reasons why lakefront homeowners play an important role in the sustainability and preservation of Okanagan Lake.

1. Safeguard the water quality

Those that own waterfront property also depend on Okanagan Lake as their main source of water. To keep the water quality in a good state, many property owners will use environmentally safe items, like fertilizer, pesticides and lubricants for their lifts, that won’t negatively impact the lake.

2. Help protect foreshore erosion

Many of the homeowners along the shores of Okanagan Lake have invested in utilizing landscaping practices, like planting trees and shrubs, to prevent foreshore erosion. They’ve also been known to invest in cleaning up and maintaining crown land near their property as well.

3. Strictly adhere to all building and permitting regulations

Before a lakefront homeowner can build a dock or shoreline boat lift, they must apply for the necessary permits and follow all regulations set out by the provincial government. This not only protects the lake, but it also ensures best practices are followed.

4. Install batter board panels on their pile-driven docks

Batter board panels reduce the ebb and flow of water, protecting the foreshore and reducing the likelihood of erosion.

5. Bring in plenty of tax revenue

The money collected from property tax can be put back into the community and local infrastructure.

6. Actually use their boats less than visitors to the lake

It’s a common misconception that lakefront homeowners spend their days boating up and down the shores of the lake contributing to foreshore erosion. However, most lakefront homes are vacation properties. The few that live on the lake year-round typically only use their boats for a quick early morning waterski before the lake fills up with other seasonal boaters.

7. Invest in eco-friendly docks and shoreline boat lifts

Most of the homeowners on the lake hire professional companies to install and service their docks and lifts. These companies, like Shoreline Pile Driving, pride themselves on respecting the environment, protecting the lake, following best practices, and offering eco-friendly products.

8. Provide the public with safe, easy-to-access public spaces

Another misconception is that lakefront homeowners don’t allow the public to access the shores of the lake near their homes. For the most part, this simply isn’t true. Most property owners are happy to allow public use of the foreshore on their property to those that are respectful and care for the lake as much as they do.

9. Create a barrier between harmful waves and the foreshore

Docks and shoreline boat lifts act as a wall between boaters and the shoreline. By keeping boats in deeper water, large wakes are less likely to erode the foreshore.

10. Support local

Lakefront homeowners hire local contractors for all their dock and shoreline boat lift needs. They also hire local landscaping contractors to preserve the shoreline. This keeps more money in the Okanagan, benefitting the community, promoting more jobs, and stimulating the local economy.

We’re so proud to work with many of these Okanagan Lake stewards that take pride in the valley and the condition of our watershed and surrounding areas. We see you, and we appreciate you! Thank you for all you do to preserve and protect Okanagan Lake.