Project Details

The waterfront townhomes, initially constructed atop robust Douglas Fir piles, feature a durable frame made of heavy-duty Douglas Fir, complemented by Moisture Shield Decking. This combination provides a solid foundation and a visually appealing finish that stands up to the elements over time. Serving as a private strata moorage, the structure is securely anchored by pile driving techniques, ensuring stability and longevity. Each slip is thoughtfully designed to accommodate a boatlift, offering residents a safe haven for their boats. This setup not only shields vessels from the harsh weather but also presents a convenient, year-round storage solution that enhances the value and utility of the waterfront property.

In a significant enhancement project completed in 2022, Shoreline took the initiative to expand the dock facilities. Recognizing the growing needs of the community, we successfully added four additional boatslips, each engineered to support 4-post boatlifts. This expansion was meticulously planned and executed to seamlessly integrate with the existing structure, providing additional capacity without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. The extension allows more residents to enjoy the convenience and security of on-site boat storage, further elevating the living experience at the waterfront townhomes.

This development not only caters to the practical needs of boating enthusiasts but also reflects a commitment to maintaining and enhancing the property’s appeal and functionality. Through strategic upgrades and careful maintenance, the waterfront townhomes continue to offer a premier living environment for those who cherish proximity to the water and the lifestyle it affords.