Project Details

The Kelowna Yacht Club Docks, now accommodating over 1,000 boat slips, trace their origins back to 1979. This was when Robert Graves, an engineer with the Federal Government Coast Guard, pioneered the construction of the first floating breakwater for the Kelowna Yacht Club. Building on this foundational work, Shoreline took the helm, meticulously developing the entire marina infrastructure over the subsequent years. The design of the floating dock system is comprehensive, encompassing mains, sub-mains, and finger docks to cater to a wide array of boating needs.

In constructing the Kelowna Yacht Club marina, a diverse array of construction materials was employed to ensure durability, aesthetic appeal, and environmental compatibility. This includes Moisture Shield composite decking known for its resilience and sustainability, robust Large Douglas Fir timber for structural support, Concrete floating fingers for stability in water, and Polystyrene-filled flotation tanks for buoyancy.

A closer inspection reveals that many of the marina’s original elements remain intact and functional, a testament to the quality and foresight embedded in our work. We take great pride in this enduring legacy, as it not only demonstrates our commitment to craftsmanship that can weather all conditions but also underscores the minimal maintenance required to keep the marina in prime condition. This longevity and performance are direct results of our thorough research and meticulous planning, aimed at ensuring the marina’s sustained excellence and functionality through the years.