Project Details

The Hotel Eldorado Boardwalk and Marina stands as Kelowna’s premier luxury lakefront resort, boasting unmatched views that epitomize lakeside living at its finest. Designed with durability and elegance in mind, the dock features a robust construction of steel piles and concrete, ensuring it withstands the test of time and elements. The use of ThruFlow light-penetrating deck panels maximizes natural light below, promoting aquatic life, while Douglas Fir fascia adds a touch of natural beauty and resilience against the elements.

Catering to the needs of all in-house guests, the Marina offers both daily and weekly moorage options, making it a convenient choice for short stays or extended vacations by the water. The full-service marina outlet is a boon for boating enthusiasts, providing easy access to fuel, snacks, and essential safety gear to ensure a worry-free day out on the lake. Additionally, the inclusion of boat lifts at every slip represents a commitment to the utmost care for your vessel, allowing boats to be securely stored and shielded from the water when not in operation, thereby extending their longevity and maintaining their condition.

This meticulously designed marina not only enhances the luxury experience at the Hotel Eldorado but also enriches the Kelowna waterfront with a facility that blends functionality with scenic beauty, making every visit a memorable escape into lakeside indulgence.

Fixed docks provide stability and durability, capable of withstanding harsh weather, which makes them long-lasting with relatively low maintenance needs. Their sturdy construction allows for extensive customization, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal of the waterfront. These structures offer safe and consistent access to water, potentially increasing the property value. However, the suitability of a fixed dock depends on specific waterfront conditions and local regulations.