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The Okanagan is one of the most sought after places to live in Western Canada. And with 135 kilometres of pristine Okanagan Lake water stretching from Vernon to Penticton, there’s a lot of lake to explore while living here. Whether you’re planning an overnight boating lake excursion or just prefer puttering around during daylight hours, these popular boating pit stops with mooring buoys or docks are worth discovering.

1. The Northern Shores of Okanagan Lake

The northern tip of Okanagan Lake juts into the far west side of Vernon and offers a lot of really great views. It’s also home to many popular mooring destinations.

Ellison Provincial Park

This provincial campsite offers numerous hiking trails, picnic tables, and mooring buoys. You’ll even find a great dive site in Otter Bay where you can visit two sunken boats.

La Casa Cottage Resort/Fintry

This waterfront development plays host to a couple of buoys on the south shore near Shorts Creek. It’s located right next to Fintry. From the lake, you’ll be able to spot the provincial park, the old packing house, and the newly restored Fintry Estate.

Lake Okanagan Resort

This upscale resort has some really impressive amenities, like a fueling dock, boat rentals, and boat moorage for guests. It’s the perfect place to visit in your boat for an overnight stay at the resort. And around the corner to the north, you’ll find a few bays with mooring buoys, if you prefer to spend the night aboard your vessel.

2. The Much-loved Central Okanagan Region

The Central Okanagan is probably the most populated region of the lake, and it’s home to some of the best attractions in the valley.

Traders Cove

This small bay features BBQ pits, a playground, buoys, and a unique dive site. It’s a really great spot to spend the day, or night, while enjoying some of the sunshine the Okanagan is famous for.

Raymer Bay Park

Located in a peaceful cove lies your next overnight destination. On the shore, you’ll find a beautiful beach, fire pits, and picnic tables. And just off the shore, you’ll see a couple of buoys to hook up to.

City of Kelowna

Once you reach the shores of Kelowna, you’ll find numerous spots to park your boat daily or annually at commercial marina docks. Some of the most popular choices include: Eldorado & Manteo Marina, Kelowna Yacht Club, Kelowna Downtown Marina, Shelter Bay Marina, and West Kelowna Yacht Club.

3. The Sought After Southern Shores

The southern region of Okanagan Lake offers slightly dryer, warmer weather and even more stunning viewpoints.

Wild Horse Canyon

This steep cliff offers stunning views just metres away from the buoys. It’s also right next to Commando Bay, which is where secret military training took place during WWII. Here you’ll find a really interesting dive site too.

The Penticton Lakeside Resort

This resort has it all, world-class fare, a super affordable pub, a private beach, top notch rooms, and overnight moorage. Park your boat at the secure dock and hit the streets of Penticton. If you don’t feel like cruising home, book a room. Your boat will stay safely secured to the commercial marina docks until you’re ready to leave.

Even though you may have a home on the shores of Okanagan Lake, there’s nothing better than exploring your own backyard. Grab your boat, your favourite traveling companion, an overnight bag, and sense of adventure. There is so much waiting to be discovered on Okanagan Lake.