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All summer long, your family lives on your dock. You’ve watched the sun dip behind the mountains surrounding Okanagan Lake, and your kids have done flips, dives, and belly flops off nearly every side. And while spending your days here, you may have caught yourself noticing the age of the dock more than once. If your dock looks like it’s on its last summer, consider an aluminum boat dock and boat lift.

If you’ve been wondering which material is best for your new dock, you probably already know there are several options. To help you decide, we put together a list of aluminum dock advantages to consider.

Shoreline Aluminum boat docks are durable solutions for Okanagan Lake boat docks.

Aluminum dock advantage 1: strength and durability

An aluminum dock is a thing of beauty. They’re far more durable than any of the other docks out there, and they’re extremely attractive as well, which adds to their value. They’re also about three times stronger than wood.

In recent years, high water levels on Okanagan Lake had been a concern for lakefront homeowners, and because of this, many dock owners have been tasked with replacing their current docks and boat lifts. For those looking for a durable option that can withstand high-water events, aluminum is the best bet.

Shoreline Aluminum Boat Dock Advantages

Aluminum docks are:

  • lightweight
  • rust-free
  • resistant to corrosion
  • low maintenance
  • pleasant to look at
  • strong enough to weather storms

Advantage 2: longevity and versatility

When asked “why aluminum docks?” by our clients, we almost always find ourselves responding with a nod to the material’s longevity. When you invest in a dock or boat lift, you want it to last. And an aluminum dock in Kelowna helps ensure your dock will be around for many years to come.

We often refer to these docks as a “forever dock,” because that’s exactly what it is. Aluminum docks will typically last anywhere from 30 to 50 years on the water.

In addition to their lengthy lifespan, aluminum docks are also incredibly versatile. Simply choose aluminum as your main framing material and switch up the decking material whenever the need arises. Popular decking material options include Treated Douglas Fir, Vantage boards, Composite, ThruFlow panels and Concrete panels.

Shoreline premium aluminum boat dock decking options.

Advantage 3: locally sourced materials

The year 2020 has made one thing clear to many residents in the Okanagan: supporting local businesses is one of the best things we can do to help revive an economy that needs some uplifting.

When you purchase an aluminum dock, you’re not only supporting Shoreline, a company that’s been serving the Okanagan for more than forty years, you’re supporting local manufacturers too. When we build an aluminum dock in Kelowna and beyond, we use locally manufactured aluminum dock sections.

Choosing an aluminum dock is something you can feel good about every time you step foot on it.