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With summer on the horizon, the excitement for boating season is high in the Okanagan. Following the drought of 2023, concerns about water levels persist, but there is still optimism as we approach the warmer months.

Current Water Levels

As of May 6, 2024, Okanagan Lakes water levels sit at 341.836 meters, marking a record low for this time of year. The impact of the previous year’s drought is evident in the current levels. However, there is a silver lining amidst the concern. Forecasts suggest a gradual rise in water levels as snow continues to melt and runoff flows into the lake. It is hoped that by the onset of summer, we will observe an increase in the lake’s water levels, reaching the full pool level of 342.48 meters.

Dock Construction Guidelines

For anyone owning or planning to build a dock along the waterfront this summer, it’s important to understand the concepts of HWM (High Water Mark) and LWM (Low Water Mark). The starting point for your dock construction should be at the HWM, ensuring it begins at the highest point where water typically reaches. Additionally, any extensions or widening of the dock can only occur once water depths reach a minimum of 0.8 meters at the LWM, guaranteeing structural stability and safety. This same guideline applies to the addition of dock floats, which should also adhere to the specified depth requirement at LWM.

Here are some important definitions to keep in mind while viewing the current water levels page:

  • LWM = Low water mark
  • HWM = High water mark
  • PNB = Present natural boundary
  • Full pool = 342.48 metres
  • Foreshore = land between low water mark (LWM) and high water mark (HWM)

Staying Informed

While current levels may raise concerns, it’s important to recognize the resiliency of the Okanagan. Boating enthusiasts and recreational users can still look forward to an enjoyable season ahead.

To stay informed, it is recommended to regularly check Okanagan Lake Water Levels. By staying updated, we can navigate the lake responsibly and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

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