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The Okanagan Valley is such a diverse region. In fact, the valley has more species of plants and animals living here than anywhere else in the province. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the four most endangered ecosystems in Canada. As a family owned and operated business that sits right on the shores of Okanagan Lake for more than 30 years, we’ve always prided ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the lake itself. From monitoring the lake levels daily to installing boat lifts and docks to playing and working in the surf and on the shores, we’ve always had a deep appreciation for the Okanagan ecosystem. This appreciation has led us down a passionate path to protect the foreshores of Okanagan Lake.

1. We build sustainable floating boat docks and marinas

A few years ago, one of our client’s marinas was awarded the Clean Marine BC Certification Award. While they celebrated such a huge win as the Interior’s first award recipient, we quietly joined in from afar. 

The Kelowna Yacht Club underwent a voluntary independent audit to see how their marina was doing in terms of following environmental best practices. Of five possible anchors, they scored four, which is an incredible feat. To earn this score, they

  • kept their docks clean and well maintained
  • replaced creosote pilings with steel
  • made sure spill protection kits were plentiful and visible
  • created mandatory holding tanks with a sewage pump our facility
  • don’t allow onsite boat maintenance or refuelling
  • offer extensive onsite recycling services

It was such a thrill to be part of a team so committed to environmental best practices and watch them earn an award they absolutely deserved.

To read more about our extensive relationship with the Kelowna Yacht Club, check out our Okanagan Dock Feature article on the Kelowna Yacht Club.

Shoreline Pile Driving building Frind Winery boat dock

2. We carefully service our boat lifts and docks

Every time we set out to build a new dock or service hydraulic boat lifts, we do so consciously. With dedicated in-house mechanics, electricians, and hydraulic specialists as passionate about the ecosystem as the rest of us, every repair is carried out meticulously to avoid pollutants from entering the lake.

We also use Clarity® Synthetic EA Hydraulic Oil, a readily biodegradable high-performance oil that meets EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) requirements for environmentally acceptable lubricants, in all hydraulic boat lifts & equipment.

In the unlikely event of a spill, the product biodegrades by more than 60% within 28 days, minimizing the impact to the environment.

3. We’ve partnered with Ecoscape Environmental Consultants

We know how much our clients value their waterfront space. To ensure it’s looked after, we’ve partnered with Ecoscape Environmental Consultants to make sure all the best practices are being followed during the design and construction phases of the dock. Because we’re ethically committed to best management and sustainable practices in all the work we do, we focus on promoting environmental stewardship. To make sure we stay focused, we continuously research environmental information and set environmental goals that align with our mission and vision.

Ecoscape Environmental Consultants
Environmentally friendly dock construction by Shoreline Pile Driving

4. We’ve implemented an environmental sustainability policy

In an effort to reduce our carbon emissions, we joined forces with Wharf Construction to implement a policy that’s geared towards protecting the environment. To meet the goals outlined in the policy, we swapped out two-cycle outboard motors to four-cycle motors. We also make sure to only use biodegradable oil in our hydraulic boat lifts and equipment. 

5. We promote environmentally-friendly products to our customers

When a client reaches out for a build or redesign, we always make sure to mention the importance of using environmentally-friendly materials. Some of the products we suggest include:

  • ThruFlow™ panels
  • MoistureShield® decking
  • Solar-powered boat lifts, which don’t require fossil fuels

By committing to sustainable practices and promoting environmental stewardship, your property and the rest of the lake will continue to remain one of the most beautiful places in the country.