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Don’t Forget The Permit!

Don’t Forget The Permit!

Heads up! All our job sites have been visited by Natural Resource Officers this past week. Front Counter BC has hired additional support staff to monitor the foreshores of Okanagan Lake to ensure all companies are following the recent guidelines and design criteria. When constructing a new dock structure or replacing piles, please ensure you have a copy of the section 11 application on hand as they will request this document upon visit.

At shoreline pile driving, we strive to be the industries role model. Please exercise due diligence and ensure your dock contractor has obtained all necessary permits and documentation prior to construction. Non permitted work can be deemed unauthorized and ordered to be removed. This can also impact the resale purpose , and may cause some challenges when selling the property.

Permits protect the property owner!!

Please visit our ‘Permit’ page for more information on dock applications and requirements.