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When the founder of Shoreline Pile Driving was just a 12 year-old boy, he used to frequent Hotel Eldorado, admiring the infamous The Spirit of the El, a 34-foot Chris Craft Sedan Cruiser built in 1952 while enjoying the events that frequently took place at this social hub. It was during these formative years that Bob Jones discovered his passion for Okanagan Lake and everything that comes with it — boats, docks and easy summertime living.

Building a budding professional relationship

Since his childhood, Jones and his family spent a lot of time at Hotel Eldorado. It was during these years that the owner of Hotel Eldorado, Kelowna Mayor John Hindl, and the Jones family began a personal relationship that would span decades.

In approximately 1980, Jones and his crew built the first dock for Hotel Eldorado after the hotel was floated over from its previous location at 4519 Eldorado Rd. to the spot on the lake where it now rests. Around this time, his relationship with Hindle was evolving from a lengthy personal relationship into a professional one, which eventually grew to include Jim Nixon when he purchased the hotel in 1988.

Since then, the relationship has proved fruitful for both families. Jones says, “Both our families value customer service, community, and the lake. It was only natural that our customers would become Eldorado customers and vice versa.” With both businesses deeply rooted within the Kelowna community, their passion for Okanagan Lake and the community have served locals and visitors alike for years and will continue to do so. 

The start of a beautiful, well-crafted marina

The background behind Hotel Eldorado is lengthy and fascinating. It’s been a local landmark in Kelowna since the 1920s. When the marina was built in 2017, the hotel took on an entirely new purpose. It was among this time that the resort began to resemble its current state — a place for lake lovers to spend their days playing in the water, socializing along the shoreline and docks, and enjoying some of the best food in the valley. 

When Manteo Beach Resort was built in 1996, the marina expanded. The relationship with Manteo CEO Adrian Block and Jones was built on enthusiasm and creativity. Both parties had a vision for the commercial marina docks, and by working together, that vision was realized.

The Manteo Marina features 42 Shoreline single-mast boat lifts, 56 Shorestation hydraulic lifts, and 12 Shoreline hydraulic boat lifts. And the Eldorado Marina boasts 66 lifts consisting of Shoreline single mast lifts, Shoreline personal watercraft lifts, and Quality Super lifts capable of carrying 27,000-pound watercrafts. These lifts serve as year-round boat storage for the user. Jones says, “the demand for a slip at the Eldorado Marina is very high, and we can only take that to mean that the addition of boat lifts to each slip is probably the main source of that demand other than other amenities the hotel offers.”

High-quality materials for a high-quality marina

The marina was constructed with 12 ¾ inch OD steel piles. Some of those piles reach a length of nearly 60 feet. And the material chosen for the deck was selected to last a lifetime. The deck is composed of Douglas Fir timber, concrete and ThruFlow panels.

In recent years, ThruFlow panels have become one of the most sought after decking materials. When the floods of 2017 devastated many of the docks along the shores of Okanagan Lake, those built with ThruFlow panels remained unscathed. It was a testament to the well-constructed design. They’re also known to stand up to a lot of foot traffic, which was the biggest concern when constructing the Eldorado & Manteo Marina.  

“In fact, when customers reach out looking for examples of our work, we can’t help but point them in the direction of this marina,” says Jones. “We’re so proud of the build and the relationship we’ve built with the owners and the staff. It’s such a great environment and asset to the local community,” he adds. 

Meeting the need for annual services

Because the summer season is so busy, the marina has a standing appointment for annual service every spring with the marina. The Shoreline crew services the lifts and monitors the docks for wear and tear. “Since the season is short, it’s very important to prepare and perform the recommended maintenance. We don’t want the marina at a disadvantage when the busy season rolls in,” Jones says.

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