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As the trees lining the shores of Okanagan Lake begin to drop their leaves and litter the beaches once filled with sunbathing lake lovers, it may feel like it’s time retreat indoors and forget about the lake until the spring. However, that’s not the case. Right now is the best time to start planning that residential or commercial dock build.

Here are five reasons why you should start planning for next year’s dock building season today.

1. You live in a colour zone

In 2009, the Okanagan Region Large Lakes Foreshore Protocol was introduced by the Ministry of the Environment. This was implemented to protect the foreshore habitat and allow the marine life to thrive in a healthy aquatic environment. This protocol also introduced four colour zones (black, red, yellow and no colour) that exist along the shores of the lakes that measure habitat sensitivity.

A black, red or yellow colour zone on Okanagan Lake has a working window of June 1 to September 30. That means that all residential dock and marina builds can only take place during this time. If you live on one of these colour zones, your build can only occur during this brief timeframe.

Residential dock built on Okanagan Lake

2. You’ve got big dreams and even bigger building plans

A large project can take a lot of time to prepare and execute. Like other builds, it will require the necessary permits to be in place before building can begin. From hiring a designer to engaging a dock builder to securing permits, there’s a lot to be done.

The sooner you get the planning party started and the permits in place, the sooner you can watch your dreams come to life.

For more information about permits and the permitting process, visit our permit page or our In-depth Guide to Obtaining the Proper Permits.

3. You’re new to living on the lake

If you’re a new lakefront homeowner, welcome! At Shoreline, we value our lakefront property owners. We recently shared a blog article that highlights all the ways lakefront homeowners protect and care for our lake.

If your property doesn’t already have a residential or commercial dock or boat lift in place, and you’re hoping to add one, you’ll want to reach out to a dock building professional as soon as possible. At Shoreline, we’d be happy to visit your property, assess the foreshore, determine the colour zone and get you started with a building plan.

Okanagan Lake Dock Builders - Shoreline Pile Driving

4. You have your eye on a one-of-a-kind custom build

Whether you’re hoping to install a residential dock, boat lift, a commercial dock or a marina, Shoreline can help with the design. After 40 years of working—and living—on the shores of Okanagan Lake, we’ve discovered which types of builds work best based on location, colour zone, and property type.

Whether you’ve scribbled your thoughts down on a piece of paper or had it professionally drafted in AutoCAD, we can take your design ideas and make them a reality.

drone view of residential dock on okanagan lake

5. You can’t wait to get back on the lake

Summer is an incredibly busy time, especially for dock builders when the short window for work is open. To experience a seamless experience and enjoy the lake all summer long, it’s important to plan as far in advance as you can.