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It was a different world 40 years ago when Bob Jones first became a Kelowna dock builder. It was 1983, and the only pile-driving company on Okanagan Lake was based in Vernon. Along the shores of the North Okanagan, docks and marinas flourished, while Kelowna and Penticton were ripe with opportunity. And after spending a childhood on the shores of Okanagan Lake and teenage years working at the downtown marina, Bob knew his future, just like his past, was tied to the water.

A Driving Force in the Kelowna Dock Builder Community

Hailing from Saskatoon, the Jones family moved to Kelowna when Bob was a boy. From waterskiing with the Athans family to hanging at the Capozzi house and Hindles house, Bob was immediately drawn to the beauty of Okanagan Lake.

“I grew up out in Mission hanging out on my neighbour’s dock. A few buddies and I built our first raft when we were eight or nine years old.”
– Bob Jones

Bob’s passion for Okanagan Lake only grew, and when he wasn’t building rafts or getting on the water with his friends, Bob dreamed about becoming a Kelowna dock builder and creating a floating dock.

One day, while working at the marina, his dream began to take shape.

“The marina boss told me to phone up Okanagan Pile Driving in Vernon because they needed pilings,” Bob says. “When they arrived, the first thing they asked for was $2,500, and this was almost 50 years ago. I decided right there that’s what I wanted to do.”

Noticing the need for Kelowna dock builders, Bob took the opportunity, along with his experience and love for the lake, and built his first pile driver. Armed with his new equipment and leading a small team of workers, Shoreline was born.

Growing with the Community

Now synonymous with Kelowna dock builders, Shoreline has grown into one of the region’s most experienced dock builders specializing in fixed and floating concrete, timber frame and aluminum docks.

And Bob’s influence and Shoreline’s handiwork are visible across the valley in iconic waterfront properties like the Kelowna Yacht Club, Hotel Eldorado and Manteo Beach Resort as well as private docks for hockey stars like Jarome Iginla, Ryan Getzlaf and Shea Weber.

“When I go to the yacht club or drive by, I think, ‘My company built this,’ and it obviously makes me feel very proud,” Bob says.

Drone view of Eldorado and Manteo Dock in Kelowna - Shoreline Pile Driving

The Future of Kelowna Dock Builders

Today, the Jones family is still tied to the shores of Okanagan Lake. Bob’s daughter, Brittney Jones, continues the family legacy as Shoreline Pile Driving & Boat Lifts’ operations manager. Together, Bob and Brittney oversee a team of administrators, service coordinators, salespeople, design and project estimators and Kelowna dock builders.

From new technology, more competition and 2017’s devastating floods that forever changed dock design on Okanagan Lake, much has changed in the years since Bob’s dream became a reality.

But with quality work based on honesty, integrity, respect for the land and a passion for the water and the community, the Shoreline family remains dedicated to building first-class docks that enrich the lives of lake lovers, just as they’ve been doing on the shores of Okanagan Lake for four decades.

Shoreline Pile Driving is Kelowna's Dock Builder for Residential and Commercial docks

Want to learn more about Shoreline Pile Driving and Boat Lifts custom docks, boat lifts and pile driving services? Whether you’re looking for a part to repair your boat lift, building a marina to match your new resort or anything in between, we’re here to help.