Used Boatlifts

ShoreStation Lift 8K

Used 8,000 lb ShoreStation Hydraulic Solar Boat Lift

Shoreline CH Series Lift

Used 20,000 lb Hydraulic Boat Lift

New Boatlifts

Quality Super Lifts (QSL)

From its all-aluminum power-head cover to its massive beams, the Super lift stands out as the finest industrial-duty boat lift ever made. Originally designed for marina use, it is now favored by discerning homeowners. The Super lift's gearless, high-efficiency cycloidal drive produces 34,700 inch-pounds of torque with over 90% efficiency. This makes it the most powerful, durable, and fastest boat lift on the market, outperforming the nearest competitor's high-speed drive system by more than twice the speed.

Quality Super Lifts (QSL) Solar

The QSL Solar Boat Lift is an eco-friendly and efficient boat handling system powered by solar energy. It offers smooth lifting and lowering of boats, remote control operation, and minimal maintenance. Built with durable materials, it's suitable for various boat types and promotes sustainability by reducing carbon emissions.

Single Mast Boat Lifts (SLP3T)

Designed & manufactured in Kelowna, BC! Our innovative, but simple design is easy to use and maintenance free ! Fully adjustable side guides, motor stop & interchangeable risers will accommodate any type of boat. High grade steel construction, stainless steel bolts & heavy duty 3T electric Jet chain hoist offers superior strength & product durability. Power requirements 110v or 220v, Maximum load capacity 6,500 lbs, Average boat lengths 22’-24’.

ShoreStation Boat Lifts

ShoreStation has developed and patented a revolutionary DC-powered hydraulic boat lift for boathouse and pile mount applications. These hydraulic boat lifts offer a variety of installation options and carrying capacities up to 20,000 lbs. The ShoreStation Hydraulic Boat Lift is the most advanced system on the market offering several advantages over traditional lift systems.

Shoreline Hydraulic Boat Lifts (CH1020)

The low profile, all aluminum construction offers superior strength & product durability. Our hydraulic cylinders are filled with biodegradable fluid to protect the environment should a seal or hydraulic line ever fail. The hydraulic rams are stored above water, in a dry, protective environment avoiding any possible contamination.

Personal Watercraft Lifts (PWC)

Our simple design, strong & reliable Personal Watercraft Lifts are top deck mounted. These lifts were designed to be low maintenance & easy to use! Powder coated steel construction, stainless steel fasteners along with heavy duty stainless steel cables provide superior product durability and resistance to corrosion. Our SLP PWC Lift is also available as an unassembled unit for easy pick-up/shipping.

Dock Accessories

ThruFlow Deck Panels

ThruFlow™ Decking is a durable and low-maintenance choice with an open design that prevents water and debris buildup, making it perfect for waterfront projects. Available sizes: 1x3,1x4,1x5

Piano Hinge

Our locally manufactured aluminum marine grade piano hinges are perfect for connecting two dock sections seamlessly. We also use them to connect docks and gangways. These innovative hinges allow the connected halves to adjust during changing water levels, reducing potential damage from occurring.

Suspenz Stand Up Paddle Board Rack

The Suspenz Stand Up Paddle Board Rack is a premium storage solution designed specifically for stand up paddle boards (SUPs). This rack is designed to securely hold your paddle board in place, protecting it from scratches and damage. It's perfect for organizing your equipment and keeping your paddle board safe when not in use.

Flip Up Cleats

Shoreline Pile Driving offers a variety of marine-grade tie-up cleats. These cleats are made from high-quality materials, resulting in a reliable, durable, and long lasting addition to any dock. All cleats can be powder coated to match existing dock accessories, or custom ordered.

Standard Cleats

Made from top-grade materials, these cleats are built to last. They can be customized with powder coating to seamlessly blend with existing dock accessories or tailored to specific preferences.

Fabric Taylor Made White Bumper

The Fabric Taylor Made White Bumper is a specialized product designed to protect boats from damage caused by docks or other vessels. It comes in a 50' length and is made from high-quality fabric, ensuring durability and reliability. This bumper is ideal for boaters looking to safeguard their vessels against scratches and impacts while docking. The 50' length provides ample coverage for larger boats, offering comprehensive protection along the waterline.

Corner Bumpers

These easy to install bumpers are designed to protect both vessels and structures from damage caused by collisions. Made from durable materials, these bumpers effectively absorb impacts and reduce wear and tear.

HD Corner Bumper Posts

Mounted on our custom 6061 aluminum corner posts, our Heavy Duty Commercial Black Bumper delivers top-notch protection for your boat on exposed corners. With 5ft lengths available, it seamlessly adjusts to water level changes, ensuring steadfast safeguarding around the clock.

DockSide™ Bumpers

Built for ultimate durability, it features rugged, air-filled heavy-wall molded PVC with an integral inflation valve. Its angled ends deflect craft, while using straight bumpers in pairs forms inside corners. Experience excellent gunnel protection with this top-tier solution. Available in Two Sizes: 7″ x 16″ DockSide™ Straight Bumper or 12″ x 12″ DockSide™ Corner Bumper

Bumper Wheel

12″ & 18″ Smooth rolling wheels offer substantial dock cushioning and feature molded-in valves to adjust the level of firmness. Heavy-duty hot dipped galvanized hardware mounts securely to the dock. Guides boats into your slip easily, regardless of wind and current conditions.

6ft Piling Bumper

Crafted from premium marine grade PVC, it boasts molded-in UV inhibitors & fungicides for durability. Enhanced with integral strengthening ribs, curved profile, and extended legs for easy piling post mounts. Available in 6 Ft. Lengths.

‘D’ Bumper

Sturdy, four channel design which mounts horizontally or vertically. Commerical grade black or white bumper, available in 10ft lengths.

‘P’ Bumper

Heavy duty, three channel design with 90 degree lip. Mounts horizontally. Commerical grade black or white bumper, available in 10ft lengths.

Aluminum Foreshore Stairs

Custom aluminum stairs, featuring ThruFlow or Moisture Shield decking options. These stairs are designed to offer seamless access over your dock structure while adhering to regulations ensuring public access along the foreshore remains unobstructed.

Black 8ft Dock Box

Shoreline Pile Driving locally manufactures custom 8-foot (27" x 30" x 96") aluminum marine storage boxes, ensuring dry and secure storage for all your dock items. These boxes offer low maintenance, corrosion resistance, and durability, making them an enduring addition to any dock. Notable features include slow-closing hinges on the lid, a movable storage shelf, and lockable security for added peace of mind.

Access Ramps

Discover our flip-up access ramps, meticulously crafted to ensure safe and convenient boat access, particularly beneficial for children and individuals with mobility challenges. Engineered with premium aluminum, reinforced by grab handrails for stability, and fortified with steel hinges and brackets, these ramps guarantee durability and security. Coated in sleek black powder for resilience against the elements and boasting a diamond plate anti-slip surface, our ramps prioritize safety without compromising style. Available in 30" and 40"


Our custom aluminum 7-step swim ladder, powder coated in black. Constructed from high-quality aluminum, Shoreline ladders are designed for superior structural durability and strength. Featuring a diamond-tread design for an anti-slip surface, ensuring safety and stability with every use.

Slanted Ladders

Our angled 7-step swim ladder, crafted with precision. Constructed from top-quality aluminum, Shoreline ladders are built for unparalleled structural durability and strength. Complete with a diamond-tread pattern for an anti-slip surface and a handrail for added safety and stability, ensuring peace of mind with every use.


Standard Dock Light

Our standard dock light choice comprises a 22-inch stand equipped with an RAB lamp head, both finished in a durable black powder coat.

Shore Power

Our shore power pedestals include a custom aluminum lamp stand (22") and shore power box, both powder coated black for durability. Guarantee seamless electrical connections and reliability with options available for both 30 amp and 50 amp services.

Kitchler Lights

Lighting up your dock, patio, or pathway is what it's all about. Use them along the edge of your dock to illuminate the deck between the pilings. The pathway LED lights are very slim and have a tapered design making them hard to trip over when walking along the dock.


Anchor Buoy – Full Kit

Anchor Kit - Includes Buoy, Lead-Line (Standard 7' 8" Long) , Snap Hook, 25ft of GR80 Chain, 2,000 lb Concrete Block. Option: MB61 Anchor Buoy Only

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    Early Spring is perhaps the best time for dock building and maintenance work. Here are the three things you can do to get a head start on boating season.

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