Four Post Boat Lifts (10k-80k lbs)

Shoreline Pile Driving offers the largest selection of Boat Lifts on Okanagan Lake!
All boat lifts are low profile, offering wireless push button remote operation for the ultimate convenience. The boat lifts are CSA approved, offering superior performance and reliability.  All lifts are pile mounted, with a lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs to 80,000 lbs. Our innovative designs will accommodate any style of boat or pontoon hull.


Brands we carry:

  • Quality Super Lifts (IMM)
  • Shorestation Boat Lifts
  • Shoreline Hydraulic Lifts



Standard Feautures:

  1. All aluminum and stainless steel construction
  2. Custom aluminum bunks covered in white vinyl. Our bunks are guaranteed not to float and are covered by a 10 year warranty against tearing, fading, mold and corrosion
  3. Industrial duty, aluminum cover encloses power heads to extend product life by protecting the mechanical and electrical components from windblown rain and salt spray
  4. Custom extruded top beam step channel adds structural support for the drive bearing blocks
  5. Maintenance free aluminum pulleys with unique self-lubricating bearing
  6. Maintenance free aluminum bearing blocks with no lube Igus bushings
  7. Grooved aluminum cable winders with cable keepers
  8. Upgraded limp fine wire stainless steel cable like that used in public elevators and ski lifts is extra pliable to minimize work hardening and maximize cable life
  9. Patented wedge locks allow the cables to be pre-wound for easy installation and allows the cradle system to be easily adjusted after installation.
  10. Stainless steel hardware
  11. Heavy duty reinforced guide post base with PVC covered guide post that are easily adjustable
  12. Gem remote control with handheld transmitter and built-in auto stops enables in-water operation of your boat lift
  13. Fail-safe electric braking system
  14. Ultra-efficient industrial duty cycloidal gearless reducers, the finest reducers made, produce more torque and result in the fastest lift speeds on the market.


Shorestation Boat Lifts 

Customize your shorefront with ShoreStation Hydraulic Boat Lifts.

This lift design is a traditional approach. Install the lift tubes high for tidal fluctuation or deck-level for a low profile look that doesn’t interfere with accessing your boat.

  • Available in 4,000 to 20,000 lb. capacity
  • Up to 16′ lift travel
  • Single push-button remote for hassle free lift operation
  • Standard Safe & Reliable Hydraulic design. Mounts on 4 piles


Shoreline CH1020 Boat Lift 

  • Locally manufactured in Kelowna, BC.
  • Maximum lifting capacity of 20,000 lbs
  • wireless remotes